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StarBoard interactive whiteboard brings finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity of design and solid surface with the lates interactive technology.

With the use of our Interactive Flat Panel Displays Starboard allows learning to work both in and out the class environment with robust collaborative software.

StarBoard Digital Flip Chart: Your ideal tool for conferences and classrooms. Simply write with dry-erase pens and transmit, share and save the content in real-time with smartphones or tablets

StarBoard Ultra Short Laser Projectors provide the latest laser technology. The high quality projector is suitable for presentations, video conferences, lessons and meetings.

The interactive universe at your fingertips. Transform lessons into creative opportunities to inspire learning with StarBoard Software, a dynamic set of teaching and lesson building tools designed for educators. 

A complete Command and Control platform on all our screens. Allowing you to control student or user devices in the room and also to freely share content.

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