About Us

About Us

About StarBoard – The natural evolution of a manufacturers success.

The StarBoard brand, known around the world for over 15 years and in over 70 countries, has begun a new enterprise. The brand name that has become synonymous with the word Quality is embarking on a journey to make rock solid interactivity an everyday reality. The brand name that has been one in the same as Value, for over a decade, is positioned as a world leader in surpassing expectations and providing customers with more for your money. Additionally, StarBoard will set the bar for Innovation.

Under our new ownership we have greater resources, staffing and production capabilities to deliver innovative and leading edge products to make your presentations come to life, to make the human and computer interface faster, easier and more intuitive, and to invite making the challenging concept easily understood.
StarBoard … Quality, Value and Innovation.

As a manufacturer we promise and commitment to all that we do. Please come and see our new Touch interactive displays. Touch screen monitors are the next step in computer evolution.

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If you want to join our mission, we’ll be happy to provide thorough training, comprehensive technical support and assistance with pre- and post-sales. Just get in touch.