STArboard Solution – Starclass management software question #3

Today we answer one more of our StarClass Management FAQ.

Question #3 How to connect the users automatically on StarClass Management Software?

STArboard Solution – Starclass management software question #2

One of our FAQ for the StarClass software is: ”How to test the multicast perfomance of the AP on StarClass Management Software?”

Click play to see us answering this question.




STArboard Solution – Walking through repeat signage software 

To have easy and fast access to a digital signage solution using the StarBoard interactive flat panel display, we have partnered with Repeat Signage software, bringing a full digital signage software solution for windows.

Understanding, building, and creating has never been so easy. To explain the methodology to build an entire digital signage presentation, Repeat Signage software has created a walk-through of the software for a simple solution.

To access the Walk-Through, please visit.


STArboard Solution – starclass management software question #1

Since the relaunch of our StarClass Management software, we have received some questions regarding the use of the same.

To start our StarClass #Trainingtuesday session, we have answered the #FIRST question:


”How to install StarClass Management Software on android?”

STArboard Solution – tips and trick starboard software – hand eraser 

Practicality is good, and we love it!

Today #trainingtuesday we are showing how to erase without using the eraser tool on StarBoard Software.

STArboard Solution -Distance learning – zoom & starclass software

It’s world education day – ‘Recover and revitalize education for the COVID-19 Generation’ 🌏

This year will be marked on the 25th of January 2021 under the theme ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’.*

Following this theme, we at StarBoard recognize the changes that the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought to the educational field and value the importance of care and change through the whole educational system.

To ease communication and remote learning throughout this pandemic, here is a video to demonstrate the use of distance learning with StarBoard interactive displays.

STArboard Solution – 2021 Interactive flat panel display brochure

StarBoard Solution presents the new IFPD 2021 Brochure 🎉

STArboard Solution – Retrospectitive 2020, happy new year 2021

StarBoard Solution wishes all our partners a happy and healthy 2021.


Press play to watch the retrospectitive and feel how 2020 was for the StarBoard family.

STArboard Solution – Santa’s list

Our Santa’s list may not be ready…
But one thing we are sure we want and hope for is a healthier 2021 😍🎉🕊

STArboard Solution – Virutal era 

Here is a snapshot of Virtual Era Ltd. using StarBoard Interactive Display YL5 Series and the Digital FLIP Chart.

It’s great to support our partners all the way with our interactive technology.

For inquiries please contact

AM: Nicole Bernobic

STArboard Solution – using repeat signage 

Following the announcement made by StarBoard and Repeat Signage Software together, we are bringing a Digital Signage Solution to every StarBoard user.

To try out the software or have a demo of StarBoard products please access and

STArboard Solution – partnership with repeat signage software 

StarBoard Solutions EU,  has collaborated with Repeat Software, a UK software developer of Repeat Signage software, to provide a digital signage solution for StarBoard users.

This exciting partnership will enable StarBoard to supply a complete hardware and software solution through its distribution channel.

“We are excited at the announcement of our partnership with StarBoard and will be working hard together with their team in Berlin to ensure all customers enjoy the benefits of Repeat Signage as part of their digital signage solution.”  Linda Adams, Marketing Director at Repeat Software.


StarBoard, nominated for an AV Award 2020, and a global brand of over 15 years and in over 70 countries, has begun a new enterprise. 

“Under our new ownership we have greater resources, staffing and production capabilities to deliver innovative and leading-edge products to make presentations come to life, to make the human and computer interface faster, easier and more intuitive, and to invite making the challenging concept easily understood.” Michelle Bulbring, Vice President, StarBoard.

The launch of StarBoard own StarClass software allows the control of StarClass users remotely and to collect and distribute files to selected users, providing an intuitive and interactive collaborative platform between its users.

The partnership between StarBoard and Repeat Signage, adds a Windows platform software to its education and corporate solutions.

Perfect to switch into digital signage mode, it is easy to create a dynamic presentation with Repeat Signage, providing a powerful communication tool to keep everyone updated on organizational matters.  During this pandemic visual messages remind you, your visitors and staff, to social distance, wear a face mask with frequent hand washing.


The brand name that has become synonymous with the word Quality is embarking on a journey to make rock solid interactivity an everyday reality.

The brand name that has been one in the same as Value, for over a decade, is positioned as a world leader in surpassing expectations and providing customers with more for your money. Additionally, StarBoard will set the bar for Innovation.


Repeat Signage is Windows-based, easy-to-use, digital signage software.

Digital media, such as logo, images, text, real-time and date, documents, videos, audio and other media can be inserted and drag and drop around the screen to create a presentation.

Repeat Signage, since its launch in 2009 into the education market, is now in daily use in 31 countries across multiple applications such as education, healthcare, restaurants, retail, leisure and tourism, government, transport, businesses and corporate offices.

StarBoard will distribute Repeat Signage Standalone software. Software options include Standard, Corporate and Media Wall.

The software supports Unicode for the display of country characters and supports touch screens.

Version 5 (V5) of Repeat Signage software will be released at the beginning of 2021.

STArboard Solution – new production line

Here is the new production line that has been installed at our StarBoard factory to ensure we are adequately equipped to face the increase in demand for our interactive panel and whiteboard demands.


ROLL ON 2021 WE ARE READY ! ! ! 

STArboard Solution – StarClass software (file distribution)


The final video of the StarBoard StarClass series this week. StarClass is a useful and interactive software to enhance every environment that StarBoard is being used.

In this video watch the final video of StarClass software and have an overview of the functionality of the software.

For further assistance please contact us directly at


STArboard Solution – StarClass software (file distribution)


StarClass file distribution tool enables StarBoard to distribute and collect files. This will assist in sharing content between everyone in the classroom or in a meeting environment.

Tune in to get to know more about this feature

Fur further details access

STArboard Solution – StarClass software (Interactive whitebaord)


StarBoard StarClass Interactive Whiteboard function is here to assist the user in using their display as a digital chart and simultaneously collaborate with their audience.

In today’s video, we are showing the details of this amazing tool and how that will enhance your classroom or #meeting environments.

To learn more access

STArboard Solution – StarClass software (Quiz & Survey)


In this video discover how StarBoard StarClass assists you in creating tests & surveys to evaluate the knowledge of your students or to analyze data.

For more information please access

STArboard Solution – StarClass software (screen broadcast)


StarBoard new software to interact with people across the room, to collaborate and share ideas simultaneously, to demonstrate and create content in an easy, intuitive, and accessible way. Visite our page to learn more about StarClass

STArboard Solution –  interactive whiteboard 

In schools distance learning has become a normality and new learning methods have been evolved to make this process easier, funnier, and more interactive between teachers and students.

With StarBoard Interactive whiteboard not only you have the latest technology in your product, but it’s a robust finger-driven interactive whiteboard to take your classroom and studies even further. 

Contact us for more information.

STArboard Solution –  shorlisted for the av awards 2020

We are overjoyed to be have been shortlisted for #AVAwards in the Technology Category of the Year recognizing StarBoard as a pioneer in innovation; interactive since 2001. We would like to thank our partners and end-users alike for always believing in our outstanding products. 

StarBoard Solution – Introduction to Digital Flip Chart 

Introduction to StarBoard #Digital #Flipchart. Powered by Android guarantees meetings are more creative, productive and collaborative. Flip from landscape to portrait depending on the space you require then simply share via QR code, email or wireless connection with all device’s.

StarBoard Solution – Communication tools

#AV is one of the top industries of the 21st century. And it’s #revolutionizing our lives. There is a wide range of things you can do using an Interactive Flat Panel Display #IFPD and #communicating is one of them. You can get in touch with people from different parts of the continent through texts, video calls, and voice calls using an app on #StarBoard Products. Watch a short video between our two colleagues using #Zoom, one of the thousands of #apps which can be downloaded on our products and convinced yourself of the simpleness of using it either in business or school.

StarBoard Solution – No air gap

StarBoard uses the #No-Air-Gap technique, which is zero space between the #LCD cell and the #screen glass enabling 180 degrees viewing angel. Our colleague explains in a short video how this technique expresses in the preciseness of writing on the IFPDs.

StarBoard Solution – Mirror Server

Have you seen the Mirroring app available on #StarBoard #IFPDs? Take a look at our colleague’s presentation about this useful tool either in your classroom or in your business. #Screen #mirroring enables you to share the screen from multiple devices to the interactive flat panel display and simultaneously present and use the device and StarBoard #IFPD.

note to covid-19

Considering the current state of affairs whilst we all COVID-19, we at StarBoard would like to offer support to all our customers, partners and working teams.

Under safe circumstances and following WHO (World Health Organization) advice the company and its factory are able to actively work and produce all our products to meet any demand and prevent/ reduce any possible complication and or delay you may face during the Coronavirus.

Since we are in the industry of audiovisual and specialists in communication products, we thought it was the best time to put these to test. All our meetings and conferences are being done through audio and video. Our showroom is being shown to our customers through our latest product which includes a built-in camera, making it possible to see high-quality videos straight from our office and the products we have to showcase.

StarBoard deliveries are including masks and sanitizers in every order as we can see that many countries have run of these products.

Yours sincerely,

StarBoard Team


Digital Pakt Schule – Educational investment plan in Germany

In 2019, Germany federal council approved the amendment to Article 104c of the Basic Law, thus finally adopting the Digital Pact. With the Digital Pact, the German government and the German Bundestag have announced their intention to support digitisation in general education schools with 5 billion euros. In the start-up phase, only relatively few funds were called up or approved up to the beginning of 2020.

In hand of this project, StarBoard is ready and excited to join the digitalization of schools in Germany and present with great and useful resource the best of interactive technology. 

For more information on how we plan to interact with Digital Pact, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

StarBoard Team 

Last year happening in amsterdam – ISE 2020 

You thought we would miss the biggest Pro-AV and System integration exhibition? Not a chance.
Despite our busy schedule and lots of talking, we gave our 100% for our visitors.
We are thankful for this opportunity that allowed us to expand our business and make new connections. Our warmest thanks to all of you who stopped by, had a chat with us and showed their interest in the exposed products.
Not to mention that our TE-YL Super Slim IFPD was the star of the show and it caught a lot of interest from worldwide visitors.
It was a great payoff for the effort we put in to make this happen.
2020 was the last year of ISE being hosted in Amsterdam, and we had a great show in this beautiful city. The weather was not on our side; therefore we are thrilled to meet you all in sunny Barcelona next year!

Check out the video below where our VP Michelle and Arthur are giving you a great and super spontaneous intro of what StarBoard does: 

In case you missed Amsterdam in February you can have an update of our products by clicking here, or by contacting our team.
Barcelona ISE 2021 we are ready!

introducing our new team at BETT 2020

Last year we promised that our success will continue, and here we are! BETT 2020 was a special one as we introduced our fresh new team to the EdTech Community for the first time.
Our experience in London has been very intense, but we also had a lot of fun and shared special moments (a special thanks goes to our comfortable shoes and countless cups of coffee).
Surrounded by the latest EdTech trends, we played a lot with our products, especially when the younger ones were approaching our stand; and we were super excited to speak about what we do and the hard work we are putting into this company.
After lots of meetings, new partnerships, presentations and a busy but cheerful atmosphere, we can say that we were very happy to have taken part at the exhibition.
If you didn’t make it to BETT this year, we are already inviting you to come and visit us next year!
Meanwhile, you can have an update of our products by clicking here, or by contacting our team

Our time at Infocomm 2019

Did you make it to the largest and most thrilling event of the pro-AV industry?

InfoComm 2019 was the perfect chance for us to get to know each other better. We introduced you to our latest products, including our TE-XP Series, featuring new StarBoard True-Bond technology. It’s currently revolutionising the industry by offering more accurate annotations and the absolute elimination of Parallax.

Our new VP for EMEA, Michelle Bulbring, joined us at our StarBoard stand to talk about the new opportunities that we’re working on and show how we’re helping to transform entire industries – and change the world for the better.

InfoComm 2019 took place from 8th-14th June in Orlando, Florida.

Working with shapes

StarBoard interactive whiteboards use finger-driven technology and multi-touch gesture capabilities to create an intuitive, interactive workspace that’s ideal for classrooms and boardrooms alike. Working with shapes is a great example of how StarBoard series whiteboards can be used productively in a meeting or class environment. Simply draw the rough shape with your finger and the whiteboard will complete the shape, whether it’s a circle, triangle or indicating arrow, and even connect them up for you. This makes it easy to brainstorm process workflows, create hierarchies, demonstrate relationships and so much more, all with the flick of a finger.

Did we meet at BETT 2019?

BETT 2019 is over and after four days of meetings, do you know what we learned the most? Wear comfortable shoes!

Thank you to those who spared their valuable time to visit us and make it such a special event for the StarBoard team. It was great to see such passion around technology in education, including exciting developments in AR, personalised teaching and, of course, digital whiteboards. You can read about seven exciting EdTech trends from BETT 2019, here. We certainly went away inspired and motivated to continue our success into 2019 and beyond, and we’d love you to be a part of that journey. 

We also left with very sore feet!

If you weren’t able to make it to BETT, but would like to learn more about StarBoard’s leading range of presentation technology, including the new narrow-frame TE-YL Series interactive flat panel display and our exciting digital flipchart, please get in touch.

it all happened in Amsterdam

Hopefully, you managed to visit us at ISE 2019 in February, but if we didn’t ISE you at the show (see what I did there?) then we’d love to catch up for a chat.

In particular, we’d love an opportunity to tell you about the exceptional clarity of our new AL-UH510 and AL-UH520 laser projectors, which use ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) light sources and DLP technology to display vivid, crisp and clean images with up to 100in diagonal from as little as a 50cm projection distance.

You’ll certainly agree that making a great first impression is vital to the success of any business presentation so this is a great tool to have in your sales armoury.

AL-UH520 key features:

  • 1080P resolution (DLP)

  • 3600 lumens brightness

  • 500,000:1 contrast ratio

  • Rec.709 compliant

  • 20,000 hours lifetime

  • 0.233 short-throw lens (100in image from 50cm distance)

  • 25.9dB noise level (from rear)

    We’re excited to tell you more about this product and more, so please get in touch!

We are overjoyed to be have been shortlisted for #AVAwards in the Technology Category of the Year recognizing StarBoard as a pioneer in innovation; interactive since 2001. We would like to thank our partners and end-users alike for always believing in our outstanding products. 

We are overjoyed to be have been shortlisted for #AVAwards in the Technology Category of the Year recognizing StarBoard as a pioneer in innovation; interactive since 2001. We would like to thank our partners and end-users alike for always believing in our outstanding products.