Interactive Flat Panel Display


Interactive technology in the classroom is about implementation of captivating learning tools to engage students which as studies prove increase learning outcomes. With the use of our Interactive Flat Panel Displays Starboard allows learning to work both in and out the class environment with robust collaborative software.

Interactive Flat Panel Display


Real time collaboration is becoming a common necessity in the workplace; on demand video meetings, instant capturing of ideas and being able to share at the push of a button. Turn dull lifeless meetings into lively engaging sessions both in your office or across the globe by capturing and sharing in real-time.

Digital Flip Chart

StarBoard Digital Flip Chart: Your ideal tool for conferences and classrooms. Simply write with dry-erase pens and transmit, share and save the content in real-time with smartphones or tablets

Interactive Whiteboard

StarBoard interactive whiteboard brings finger-driven interactivity to your classroom or conference room. These models combine simplicity of design and solid surface with the lates interactive technology. The large surface of these boards provides an additional working space and contributes to comfortable work group.

StarBoard FX-77E2/79E2

Starboard FX-81E2/89WE2

Starboard FX-98E2/104WE2

Laser Projectors

StarBoard Ultra Short Laser Projectors provide the latest laser technology. The high quality projector is suitable for presentations, video conferences, lessons and meetings.

StarBoard Software

The interactive universe at your fingertips. Transform lessons into creative opportunities to inspire learning with StarBoard Software, a dynamic set of teaching and lesson building tools designed for educators. 

Digital Signage

StarBoard Digital Signage is ideal for internal communication and public information. It is esqually suitable for universities, schoold, companies and public spaces like train stations, shopping malls and airports.