Interactive Software

StarBoard Software Licenced Edition

The interactive universe at your fingertips.

Transform lessons into creative opportunities to inspire learning with StarBoard
Software, a dynamic set of teaching and lesson building tools designed for educators.

User Friendly Toolbar

Our simplified toolbar design and natural interface allows you to arrange and save tools to suit your specific needs. Create and save multiple toolbars for students, specific subjects, or other users.

Illustrate and annotate

Make your lessons visually stimulating with a plentiful palette of digital inks.
From translucent highlighters to colourful 3D inks, creativity is at your fingertips.

Import Directly into StarBoard

Import PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG and other formats directly into StarBoard and bring them to life with a rich palette of digital inks and other interactive features.

Click and Search

Enrich your courses with just a few clicks. The integrated search engine allows to search in Google and Wikipedia directly in the StarBoard software. Easily pull
images and articles into your lesson to further illustrate your point.

Educator Resources

StarBoard Software includes a rich range of educational resources: integrated classroom accessories and tools, images clipart, backgrounds and Flash animations, access to the community forum as well as an online resource centre, accessible directly from the StarBoard menu.

Collaborative Solution

Cooperative learning and sharing ideas are some of the unique benefits of the multi – input pad, which allows three students to write on the device at the same time.

StarBoardSoftware-KeyFeatures Advanced User Interface

  •  Top menu bar for easy accessibility
  • Side menu bar – you can toggle to either side of the screen
  • Drag and drop tools to create a shortcut button on a page
  • Rubbish bin on the page to delete any object
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and10 systems

Integrated Accessories

  • Integrated classroom accessories
  • Compass, Protractor, Ruler, Timer etc.
  • Screen and voice recording
  • Data Conference mode for sharing notes

Rich Editing Tools

  • Customisable colour palette
  • Import your favourite images for the texture pen
  • Integrated handwriting text recognition

Web Resources

  • Integrated Google and Wikipedia search
  • Drag and Drop images from Web browser

StarBoard Software allows the use of files in the Interactive Whiteboard Common File Format.