Together bringing Digital Signage Solution to StarBoard users

Building a digital signage presentation has never been so easy. With the use of StarBoard Interactive Displays together with Repeat Signage Software you are able to transform your interactive displays into a full digital signage solution.

Berlin, EU – Lincolnshire, UK, 1 December 2020

A digital signage solution for StarBoard

StarBoard Solutions EU,  has collaborated with Repeat Software, a UK software developer of Repeat Signage software, to provide a digital signage solution for StarBoard users.

This exciting partnership will enable StarBoard to supply a complete hardware and software solution through its distribution channel.

“We are excited at the announcement of our partnership with StarBoard and will be working hard together with their team in Berlin to ensure all customers enjoy the benefits of Repeat Signage as part of their digital signage solution.”  Linda Adams, Marketing Director at Repeat Software.


StarBoard, nominated for an AV Award 2020, and a global brand of over 15 years and in over 70 countries, has begun a new enterprise. 


“Under our new ownership we have greater resources, staffing and production capabilities to deliver innovative and leading-edge products to make presentations come to life, to make the human and computer interface faster, easier and more intuitive, and to invite making the challenging concept easily understood.” Michelle Bulbring, Vice President, StarBoard.



The launch of their own StarClass software allows the control of StarClass users remotely and to collect and distribute files to selected users, providing an intuitive and interactive collaborative platform between its users.

The partnership between StarBoard and Repeat Signage, adds a Windows platform software to its education and corporate solutions.

Perfect to switch into digital signage mode, it is easy to create a dynamic presentation with Repeat Signage, providing a powerful communication tool to keep everyone updated on organizational matters.  During this pandemic visual messages remind you, your visitors and staff, to social distance, wear a face mask with frequent hand washing.


The brand name that has become synonymous with the word Quality is embarking on a journey to make rock solid interactivity an everyday reality.

The brand name that has been one in the same as Value, for over a decade, is positioned as a world leader in surpassing expectations and providing customers with more for your money. Additionally, StarBoard will set the bar for Innovation.


Repeat Signage is Windows-based, easy-to-use, digital signage software.

Digital media, such as logo, images, text, real-time and date, documents, videos, audio and other media can be inserted and drag and drop around the screen to create a presentation.

Repeat Signage, since its launch in 2009 into the education market, is now in daily use in 31 countries across multiple applications such as education, healthcare, restaurants, retail, leisure and tourism, government, transport, businesses and corporate offices.



StarBoard will distribute Repeat Signage Standalone software. Software options include Standard, Corporate and Media Wall.

The software supports Unicode for the display of country characters and supports touch screens.

Version 5 (V5) of Repeat Signage software will be released at the beginning of 2021.